fuck my last post; i will tell you why i bother 

i want better for myself than a community college. i want to be in the best college in the state, studying something i love, with my best friend in the whole world. i refuse, REFUSE, to settle for anything less. and if that means getting 3 hours of sleep for the next eight or so months, i am going to do it. i am not going to talk myself out of it anymore. my self esteem needs to go up. i am fucking better than i give my self credit for. yeah, i act like i don’t give a shit, but i fucking DO, and i have never wanted anything more in my life than to get into the university of florida. i am going to study hard for my ACT and SAT and go in there KNOWING that i did my very fucking best. i am not going to settle for my effortless above average status anymore. it’s not good enough for UF, and it’s not good enough for me. i need to be way better than that, since i AM better than that, and i am going to do better things with my life than sit around.


  1. toowicky said: YOU CAN DO IT! You’re going to be the best gator ever. <333
  2. stillmygirl said: *clap.clap.clap* YOU GO, GURL! =’] (btw did you get my bday message? idk if you replied and since tumblr is eating them for breakfast i never know anymore.. it was sent right on the day of your bday)
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